Every Monday, like clockwork, I wait for his weekly visit to my store.

I daydream about our flirtatious banter becoming more.
So when the chance to play his girlfriend arises, even if it is just to make his ex jealous, I jump at the opportunity.
I know this is fake, but what harm could come from pushing for more?

There’s nothing I want more than her.

I look forward to each of our encounters, even if I’m just picking up a weekly gift for my mum.
There’s something between us, it’s undeniable.
But there’s one problem, well, two. Our age difference, and a secret I’ve ignored for a very long time.
One night with her in my arms pretending to be mine changes everything.
Now I’ve had a taste of her, I want more. So much more… If only my mind would let me.

Jasmine & Jealousy is a standalone steamy contemporary romance in the Wild Blooms Series. It follows Alannah & Saxon in a fake relationship, age gap romance.

Jasmine and Jealousy is book 10 in the Wild Blooms Anthology Series!

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